About Us

Everyone at Import Eats shares the same objective
—to deliver the highest quality products at
competitive prices while offering unparalleled
customer service.

Our Product Range Includes…

canned fruits

pouched fruits and veggies

canned vegetables




dried fruits

IQF fruits

fruit concentrate

We can also customize our offering by solving storage and transportation challenges, and by developing private label brands for our clients.

Global Reach

In addition to our 12 distribution centers in the United States, we ship to all major international ports. We transport several thousand shipping containers annually and support farmers from countries like Thailand, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, Greece, Holland, Peru, South Africa, Canada and America.

Superior Value

Import Eats works diligently to offer our customers only the best value available. We closely monitor changes in the market, raw materials, shipping costs, import/export policies, as well as weather patterns to ensure our products are packaged efficiently and affordably.

No Secrets Here!

Learn about where our food is sourced, as well as our partner farmers and factories.

Contact Us

Our import specialists are available 24/7 to
discuss the market situation around the globe
and how it might affect your forecasting strategies.